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“Thanks so much for this wonderful feedback. I really appreciate your help with this chapter.”
“Your professionalism, ability to attend to my questions and anxiety were so wonderful. Your talents have contributed beautifully to this process for me as a student and budding writer!”
“I am more confident in my writing and ‘entering the academic conversation.’ The lessons that I have learned from my writing coach continue to be invaluable. Again, thank you for meeting me in this most uncomfortable space.”
I appreciate how efficient, clear, and swift the feedback was from my WEX editor. I had a quick deadline to finish and publish and I was able to make it due to WEX’s service.

Quick and very professional. Rates were competitive, and I felt like the editor was dedicated to helping me succeed, not just correct my work.

“The Writers’ Exchange was instrumental for me to find my confidence and voice as a writer. This has been a learning and amazing experience.”
“My editor was great and very thorough! Thanks, WEX!”
“The process was very smooth and efficient!”
“Wow! Thank you so much! The turn around was unexpectedly quick and the comments are very helpful.”
“My dissertation, which means a great deal to me, only shined brighter and was made better with the WEX team’s efforts.”


Meet our Editor: Nancy Struckman!

May 18th, 2018|0 Comments

Nancy Birn Struckman has worked as an editor and proofreader for over twenty-five years, including as a managing editor for a local newspaper. She is currently the manager of Editing for Style, LLC, where she also edits books and monthly blogs, and enjoys working with graduate students on formatting and [...]

Meet Our Editor: Loretta Rafay!

May 2nd, 2018|0 Comments

Loretta Rafay has over ten years of editing experience in science, humanities, legal, and literary writing. Her specialty is working with English Language Learner academics to prepare theses, dissertations, and journal manuscripts for publication in English. She enjoys helping STEM graduate students plan and structure theses and dissertations. Meaningful public [...]

  • Jedidiah Savard pictured with his committee: Mark C. Russell, Ph.D. (Chairperson), Steve E. Curtis, Ph.D., and Elise Murrowchick, Ph.D.

Congratulations, Jedidiah Savard!

April 2nd, 2018|3 Comments

Please join The Writers' Exchange in congratulating Jedidiah Savard in the successful completion of his dissertation: Reducing Adolescent Anger and Aggression with Biofeedback: A Mixed-Methods Study My dissertation research focused on evaluating the efficacy of pairing affect recognition with daily school-based heart-rate monitoring in the pursuit of diminishing and regulating [...]

Rules with Academic Degrees

January 15th, 2018|0 Comments

WEX has had a few questions in the past couple of months regarding ways of acknowledging academic degrees in our writing, and we hope this posting would help clarify the rules.   Capitalization: In the academy we might feel compelled to capitalize all our degrees as well as subject areas. [...]

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Since 1852, Antioch University has held the core belief that all adults have the power to transform their lives through their writing. At the Writers’ Exchange, we offer writers full menu of  coaching, editing, webinars, and practical writing resources. Whether you’re a doctoral writer or a professional you’ll find the help you need from a trusted name in adult education.

The Writers’ Exchange is a direct response to a growing trend in online professional writing support. The Writers’ Exchange is unique because we’re a university program dedicated to the mission that successful writing is essential to academic and professional success. Our editors and coaches believe that all writers deserve to realize their potential through writing and that having individualized support through an editor or coach can be the catalyst for significant writing growth.  Wherever and whoever you are, you will find experts committed to providing specialized writing support at The Writers’ Exchange.

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