Wex Editors use “Track Changes” for their in-text corrections and comments. When working with tracked changes and/or comments to a document, you’re going to want to access the “review” section of MS Word.

When your document has been reviewed using Track Changes, you must take the extra step to “Accept” or “Reject” all changes and comments. If not, they will persist in appearing regardless of saving what you might think is a fresh document. Here’s some advice to help you move from “Track Changes” to a finalized version.

One way to facilitate going through the “Tracked Changes is opening the “Review Pane.” (In more recent versions, this means clicking the “review” tab on the MS Office Ribbon; in older versions, this means clicking on the “review” menu). A sidebar including all comments will appear and facilitate your viewing of the comments. Printing this Review Pane is another step to ease your self-editing/correcting of your document.

Read the comments and revise your text. With the in-text “changes” made by the WEX editor, remember, you, the writer, have final say on whether or not to accept the changes.

At this point, you have multiple options regarding the “tracked changes.”

  • You can accept the current change we have selected, or you can “accept all” (you may have to click the accept button and select “all” as an option).
  • Once a change has been accepted, the document will be modified in the way the change indicated, and the highlighting/underlining will disappear.
  • For comments, you repeat the above action, with a minor change. This time, you click the “delete” button under comments.  Again, you can delete one individual comment or you can select “all” and remove all comments from the document. Your success should be obvious, as the comment pane of the document should disappear.
  • As a final measure, double check to ensure that you have saved a clean version of your document. Click “Accept All” changes. Then, save as Final and “Turn OFF” Track changes.

For more detailed information on track changes in specific versions of Microsoft Word, visit the online help pages at https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Track-changes-in-Word-197BA630-0F5F-4A8E-9A77-3712475E806A