Perhaps one of the most challenging and time consuming stages of my writing process is finding out what I want to write. Finding an idea—a good idea is essential.

I have often tormented myself sitting down across from a blank screen. However, this is not where my ideas generate. I discovered that I think best when I’m moving. Interesting ideas come by as I walk, drive, have great conversation with friends, play with my kids, chat with my students, watch TV, and read.

Interesting ideas come all the time; the key is to make my mind a welcoming place for them. I’m still learning to write down the ideas as they come, because they quickly become forgotten. I’m learning to dare to schedule the best time of my day to sit down and write.

The process of generating ideas is unique for each person. It may even differ for the same person in different stages. There are times when we discover that the process that used to work for us in the past no longer works. It’s nice to be on the search of what works best. I hope that the links below help you to find the practices that support your creativity and overcome writer’s block. Discover what works for you and do it. It will make all the difference.


Hidy Basta

Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, Antioch Seattle

This piece was originally published in the July 2014 VWC Newsletter