WEX is honored to feature Tara Nichols. She received her Waldorf Masters of Education from Antioch University New England. She wrote her dissertation on Trauma Informed Practices in Early Childhood Education. 

Nichol’s intention of this research project is to gain a deeper understanding of trauma-informed practices in early childhood education. She addresses two questions: what are the effects of trauma on children’s learning and behavior and how can the curriculum and the classroom adapt to meet the needs of children who have experienced trauma.

Tara found what was most important part in her writing process was making a clear detailed outline before she wrote the paper. When she was ready to move forward with her research, she was able to organize it given she had a clear vision of where the information would go. Nichol had a few friends read the first drafts for grammar and flow. However, what was most helpful in helping her finish her paper on time was using The Writers’ Exchange professional editing services. Nichol states, “I did my best to understand APA formatting, but having a professional editor read the paper for formatting and overall patterns I could improve in my writing was crucial.”

Tara’s next steps in her professional career involve a new job as an early childhood intervention specialist. She realized through her research that she was ready to move from being a teacher in the classroom to working one on one with families and their children.


Tara Nichol, M.Ed, Antioch University New England