WEX is proud to feature Laetitia Geoffroy-Dallery, PsyD. She is one of the many talented WEX writers who utilized WEX’s professional editing services to perfect her dissertation.

Geoffroy-Dallery’s dissertation addresses psychologists’ attitudes towards inquiring about animal abuse/neglect in therapy and potentially changing APA’s Ethics Code to allow reporting to animal protection or law enforcement agencies. Results suggested that education about animals’ cognitive/emotional intelligence, and animals’ issues, had an impact on willingness to inquire and report.

When asked what advice she would pass on to her fellow writers Laetitia shared, “Think it over for as long as you need to before sitting down to write it, then couch everything you have on the page.” She also encourages writers to have other people look at their various drafts. “Don’t hesitate to reach out to professionals for help in areas you are less comfortable with, be it editing, or statistics if you are doing research. We all have different strength and weaknesses and collaboration is important in most professional fields,”¬†Geoffroy-Dallery urges. According to Laetitia, there is no reason to forsake collaboration and to seek consultation in order to deliver the best final product possible.

Laetitia Geoffroy-Dallery’s upcoming professional journey involves graduating and seeking employment in a state hospital or a prison, focusing¬†on the treatment and assessment of individuals who have committed sex offenses and/or have exhibited problematic sexual behaviors. She plans on taking a short break from her dissertation before seeking publication and presenting the research at conferences. She is hoping to help change the status of animals in clinical psychology, especially as their status is changing in our society.

Laetitia Geoffroy-Dallery, PsyD, Antioch University New England