Photo Credit: GE Aviation

Please join The Writers’ Exchange in congratulating Dr. Nate Woods in the successful completion of his dissertation:


Taking Off in Africa: Critical Elements of Aircraft Engine Manufacturer Engagement That Can Affect Airline Safety Performance


My research examines critical elements of successful interorganizational engagement between aircraft engine manufactures and airlines. Engagement during two maintenance processes that can directly affect airline safety performance, and which takes place within the context of airline commercial operations, were studied. Results highlight the need for proactive engagement led by qualified individuals.


What advice would you give to others writing a dissertation?

Never give up. Sometimes you feel like are working but not making progress – it can be very frustrating. Your interest in the subject you are studying and your passion to drive change will be the motivation that sees you through these challenging times. Give a lot of thought before choosing your topic.


What are your next steps in your academic/professional career?

My passion is business development in Africa, specifically the airline industry. In my current position, I work with the leadership of the different airlines to develop solutions to their unique challenges. Every day, I learn more about the airline operations and airline finance. I use these learnings to better support them with the ultimate goal of further developing the airline industry in Africa.


Nate Woods, PhD, Graduate School of Leadership & Change, Antioch University