Dr. Cherie Bridges Patrick and Committee Chair, Dr. Philomena Essed

Please join The Writers’ Exchange in congratulating Dr. Cherie Bridges Patrick in the successful completion of her dissertation:


Navigating the Silences: Social Worker Discourses Around Race 

Dr. Bridges Patrick’s study explores how subtle and nuanced racial dominance found in social worker discourses worked to produce dynamics that preserve and support hegemonic structures and status without intent. Discourse from the study’s focus group illustrates four interpersonal capacities that support constructive racial dialogue.


WEX is always interested in learning from successful writers about their process. Here, Dr. Bridges Patrick shares a few pointers:


What advice would you give to others writing a dissertation?

Be clear about your institution’s dissertation writing requirements. Organize, clearly identify, and date all of your saved reference documents and resources throughout the process. Ask for help when you need it.


How has WEX professional coaching/editing support promoted your academic and/or professional success?

I used WEX editing support in the last stages of finalizing my dissertation. The editorial process was quick and professional. The comments I made were responded to clearly and when necessary, WEX offered resources to access additional information.


What are your next steps in your academic/professional career?

I will continue building my social change consulting practice that offers services around historical and current consequences of oppression-based trauma. My focus will also remain on my distance counseling practice that utilizes somatic psychotherapeutic approaches to address various forms of trauma.


Cherie Bridges Patrick, PhD, Graduate School in Leadership & Change, Antioch University