The Comprehensive Exams are “high stakes” writing, and you want to do your best to submit a polished manuscript of your responses. You want your knowledge to shine and do not want stray errors to negatively affect your reader’s evaluation. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to use WEX services to have your document edited for format.

With your program’s permission, WEX can edit your comprehensive exam responses for format editing only. Since it’s an exam, it’s fundamental that WEX editors respect your writer’s voice and knowledge of the material. As a result, WEX editors will not copyedit but focus their edits on cleaning & polishing the document for typos, errors in syntax, citations, references, etc. WEX editors will not change the substance of your content nor advise on missing material.

Depending on their individual writing process, students may submit their responses as they complete them or submit all at once. There’s value in having the full document and cross-checking the references section. So, if you decide to submit as you write, you might benefit from a final submission of the full document for this final review. However, you need to ensure that you’ll receive everything back in time for your deadline.

WEX believes that writers have the final responsibility for any changes in the Word document. WEX editors use Track Changes and will send you two versions of your writing: one with the Track Changes present and the other with all changes accepted. Comments will appear on both versions of your document so that they receive your attention. You will have to delete all comments prior to submitting the manuscript of responses.

Since most writers at this point are at a quick deadline, please email WEX directly should you have any questions. WEX also requires that you confirm the availability of WEX editing two weeks prior to your submission deadline.

Considering the expediency and arranging a dedicated editor, the rates are $50/hour, charged at the conclusion of the edit.