Dissertation/Thesis Headings

Headings and their subheadings are a fundamental way to enhance readability of the complex manuscript of a dissertation or thesis. As an organizing feature, headings provide both a visual map and rhetorical guide for your [...]

Formatting Tips: Tracking Changes

At the Writers’ Exchange, we honor the writer’s authority on the manuscript. As a result, WEX Editors use Tracking Changes for their in-text corrections and comments. If you’re working with a document that has been [...]

Including Media in Your Scholarly Work

The contemporary reader has grown to appreciate, if not expect, visuals included in a piece of writing. Media in your dissertation or thesis can improve readability, and it’s become more common to see these additions [...]

APA Table and Appendices Formatting Tips

This reference is for tables and appendices only. Be sure to consult your department/program handbook to view the dissertation formatting requirements. Figures (e.g., photos or graphics) may have different formatting requirements. For formatting photos and [...]

Dissertation Formatting Reference

Congratulations! You’re ready to write your dissertation. One way to mitigate the “intimidation factor” of this manuscript is to begin with small steps. This resource encourages you to become familiar with the auto-formatting functions in [...]

DOIs & URLs in Dissertations

DOIs & URLs in Dissertations From time to time we field questions about how to properly style URLs within the References section of a dissertation. In this post I will outline our expectations and some [...]

What is my ORCID Number? 

ORCID Scholar Number: AU students are required to include their ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) number on the title page of their dissertations/theses. Doing so, will ensure that the dissertation and your identity are protected [...]

Sample Dissertation Front Pages

Dissertation writers may find it difficult and frustrating to correct the format of a dissertation according to guidelines, especially if the document is already written. WEX is here to help! Below you'll find a downloadable [...]

Inserting “Breaks”

Formatting a dissertation can challenge even the most savvy of writers.  With its separate front pages, different chapters, footnotes, and other special formatting, there are multiple times that require a “break” in the document’s [...]

Common Errors Seen in Dissertations

WEX Editors on Common Errors Seen in Dissertations We’ve asked the WEX editors about the common APA errors they’re seeing in dissertations and have created this list in the hopes writers might have an advantage [...]

Dash Away! Dashes Explained

Have you ever wondered what all the commotion was between hyphens and dashes? If you're writing for publication (esp in APA), you might have been given feedback from a reader or an editor about the [...]

The Dissertation: Chapter Breakdown

Dissertation Overview The traditional dissertation is organized into 5 chapters and includes the following elements and pages: Title page (aka cover page) Signature page (aka committee page but without signatures) Copyright page (strongly recommended [...]