Rules with Academic Degrees

WEX has had a few questions in the past couple of months regarding ways of acknowledging academic degrees in our writing, and we hope this posting would help clarify the rules.   Capitalization: In [...]

Homophones Explained

Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently. For many writers, homophones are the number one reason for misspelled words. It’s not necessarily that we don’t know how to spell a certain [...]

Beyond Rules

I recently went through a box of ephemera from high school, including old essays. Each one I read started with a dictionary definition. According to Merriam-Webster, rigid (adj.) means inflexibly set in opinion, or strictly [...]

The Tension with Tenses

I’ve found that when working with ESL students, the most challenging thing for me has been explaining verb tenses. Now, as a bilingual person, I completely understand how confusing English is. That doesn’t mean I [...]

Avoiding Pesky Spelling Errors

I think it's safe to say that writers have one thing in common: we have all misspelled a word or two in our lives. One of the most annoying spelling errors is caused by a simple [...]