Please join The Writers’ Exchange in congratulating Maya Iturra in the successful completion of their proposal!


A brief summary of the proposal:

I wrote a proposal that any school district with a school-based mental health and substance use programs that are within tribal boundaries, which the majority of youth from nearby tribes attend, should have a Tribal Consultation Policy to work with tribal youth.


WEX is always interested in learning from successful writers about their process. Here, Maya Iturra shares a few pointers:


What advice would you give to others writing a proposal?

Since proposals often require a small number of pages and/or word count, be sure you are concise with your writing.

How has WEX professional coaching/editing support promoted your academic and/or professional success? 

The coaching I receive from WEX has improved my academic writing immensely. They remind me there are various phases in the writing process which helps me honor where I am and know that the finished product will come. They teach me strategies to writing by using verbal and visual learning techniques which are two ways I learn best.


What are your next steps in your academic/professional career?

My next steps are to finish my last two semesters of PhD course work. I will sign up for my last semester tomorrow, work on my qualifying exams, and attempt to get an article published.


Maya Iturra, PhD (in progress), Antioch University New England