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Exploring Equity through the Perspective of White Equity-Trained Suburban Educators and Minoritized Parents

The intent of this qualitative critical incident study was to explore the interpretation of equity by White equity-trained suburban educators (WETSE) and minoritized parents (MP) in a Midwestern suburban school district to address and change inequitable student outcomes.


WEX is always interested in learning from successful writers about their process. Here, Dr. David Lawrence shares a few pointers:


How has WEX professional coaching/editing support promoted your academic and/or professional success?

Writing your dissertation is a lonely endeavor. Once the coursework is over, it is just you, your chair, and the dissertation. WEX provides emotional and technical support during the odyssey. When you are tired and just can’t go any further with editing, grammar, citations, or if you just need a few ideas about how to reformulate a paragraph or linking sentence, WEX is there for you.

Writing a dissertation is formidable and WEX assisted me in developing as a writer, editor, and they increased my knowledge of APA seven. I don’t believe my thesis would have been completed as quickly or as thoroughly without WEX’s encouragement and support.

My doctoral journey lasted three years and 10-months. Typically the process is much longer, but WEX provided consistent writing support which allowed me to concentrate on research. This teamwork aided in my expeditious completion of my studies.


What advice would you give to others writing a dissertation?

I would suggest future doctoral students involve WEX prior to the proposal defense and preceding the final dissertation defense. If you engage WEX early in the process it will pay huge dividends later as you complete your final dissertation. I would also stick with the same editor. My editor (Tammy) was amazing. You begin to build a personal relationship with your WEX editor and they are just as vested in your success as you are. Once you defend your dissertation and return for your final edits, I would request the same editor that assisted you in the proposal phase. No matter how good you are at writing, you are going to need assistance in this journey.


What are your next steps in your academic/professional career?

I was so impressed with WEX’s services that I am going to use them to assist me in writing academic articles that are derived from my dissertation. I have already received several job offers and I love the current job that I have, so I am in no rush to leave. However, WEX has afforded me the confidence to search for other opportunities.


David Lawrence, PhD, Graduate School in Leadership & Change, Antioch University