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Subject: Ask the Editor

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Have a perplexing format question? Don’t know how to reference a source? The WEX Editor is here to help!

The Writers’ Exchange offers this free service for questions that exceed what is easily defined by the APA, MLA, &/or Chicago Style Manuals.

Notable Questions:

How do I cite a quote from the kindle version of a book in APA?

First, in the in-text citation, use locations instead of page numbers. For example:

Franklin (2009) asserted “there is a significant difference between knowing a thing because you have worked it out from the evidence, and knowing a thing because someone told you to believe it” (loc. 1799-1816).

Then, in the references section, mentioned that this is the kindle edition of the book:

Franklin, R. 2009. Unknown Knowns: Why we fail to question our own certainty.                   (Kindle Edition). Oxford: Oxford University Press.