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Michael Bills, PhD

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Please join The Writers’ Exchange in congratulating Dr. Mike Bills in the successful completion of his dissertation:


Turning Around Small, Private, Tuition Dependent Colleges: How Boards of Trustees Impact Decline and Turnaround


Dr. Mike Bills’s research explores how boards of trustees at small, private, tuition dependent colleges contribute to decline and turnaround. Before COVID-19 many of […]

Bloom’s Taxonomy & Writing

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Led by Benjamin Bloom (1956), educational psychologists at the University of Chicago created this taxonomy for categorizing learning commonly occurring in educational settings. Their work was greatly influential in distinguishing three domains of intelligence (cognitive, affective and psychomotor), which has encouraged other research in the area of intelligence (namely, Howard Gardner).

The […]

Achieving a Scholarly Voice

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Completing assignments and writing papers requires much of a writer as writing is more than just filing in blanks of information. Writing, real writing, in which we wrestle with ideas and come to conclusions is hard work. Writing requires critical engagement with material, deep understanding to be able to summarize others’ work, and original articulation […]

In Times of Social Distancing: Freewrite!

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Freewriting is creating an intentional space for unstructured. This writing is uncensored and has no other purpose than to allow creative, free associative thinking.  It’s important that it’s done on paper, to allow the mind-body connection as well as to insure that built-in censors of our computer programs don’t interfere. Silence the critical “eye/I” and […]

The Art of Effective Presentations

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A final presentation has become a regular feature of most academic programs as it offers another modality for a student to present their learning. A “public talk” is a great way to stimulate awareness about a topic as well as receive validation of the researching effort. This is a fundamental reason that the oral presentation […]

WEX Tips: The Literature Review

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It’s advisable for students to regard an evolution of the literature review to gradually becoming more involved and complex as they progress through graduate programs. When it comes to a project, dissertation or thesis proposal, the literature review transforms into a more expansive and comprehensive review of the research related to a topic and field. […]

Creating a Personalized Video Multimedia Abstract

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Author Video on Electronic Theses & Dissertations


For the past few years, many programs have required graduates to upload a photo with their dissertation. Most times, these photos are taken at the final presentation or oral defense. Having a picture of the new doctorate with their committee helps readers connect with the person who […]

Writing the Chapters: You have the Power!

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You’ve already written a proposal, so you probably have an idea that each chapter has a distinct purpose. However, don’t be fooled into thinking the literature review of the proposal becomes the Chapter II of the dissertation. Just consider how much has changed within the study and your understanding of the field during the expanse […]

Organizing the Dissertation

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Dissertation Overview

All dissertations must include the following elements and pages:


  • Title page (aka cover page)
  • Signature page (aka committee page but without signatures)
  • Copyright page (strongly recommended to protect your scholarship)
  • Abstract (We’ll emphasize spending quality time refining the abstract as it’s widely read)
  • Dedication page (optional)
  • Acknowledgments page (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Table of […]

Lejla B. Maley, PhD

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Please join The Writers’ Exchange in congratulating Dr. Lejla Bilal Maley in the successful completion of her dissertation:


Teaming at a Distance: The Work Experience on Global Virtual Teams

Dr. Lejla Bilal Maley’s research explores the lived experience of working on Global Virtual Teams (GVTs). These teams offer valuable insight during the present-day crisis, as they […]

Cherie B. Patrick, PhD

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Dr. Cherie Bridges Patrick and Committee Chair, Dr. Philomena Essed

Please join The Writers’ Exchange in congratulating Dr. Cherie Bridges Patrick in the successful completion of her dissertation:


Navigating the Silences: Social Worker Discourses Around Race 

Dr. Bridges Patrick’s study explores how subtle and nuanced racial dominance found in social worker discourses worked to produce dynamics that preserve […]