Organizing the Dissertation

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Dissertation Overview

All dissertations must include the following elements and pages:


  • Title page (aka cover page)
  • Signature page (aka committee page but without signatures)
  • Copyright page (strongly recommended to protect your scholarship)
  • Abstract (We’ll emphasize spending quality time refining the abstract as it’s widely read)
  • Dedication page (optional)
  • Acknowledgments page (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Table of […]

What is my ORCID Number? 

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ORCID Scholar Number:

AU students are required to include their ORCID [1] number on the title page of their dissertations/theses. Doing so, will ensure that the dissertation and your identity are protected and acknowledged. Similar to periodicals having individual DOIs, the ORCID number becomes a researcher’s digital identification.

The ORCID number an individual numerical […]

AU Dissertation Front Page Templates

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Antioch Dissertation Writers may find it difficult and frustrating to correct the format of a dissertation according to AU guidelines, especially if the document is already written. WEX is here to help! Below you’ll find a downloadable template file for the AU Front Pages, allowing you to just fill in the fields and insert correctly-formatted […]