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Tips from the WEX Experts on Working from Home


The Covid-19 crisis has forced many into new experiences of “working” or “studying” from home. At WEX, all of us have had long-term employment working remotely in digital spaces. As any new work environment can have its challenges, we thought we’d collectively share a few ideas with you. Hope these tips help you and others […]

Congratulations, Maria T. Chavez-Haroldson, PhD!
Graduate School in Leadership & Change


Dr. Chavez-Haroldson at her Dissertation Defense. L-R: Dr. Lize Booysen, Committee Chair, Dr. Angelo Gomez, Committee Member

Please join The Writers’ Exchange in congratulating Dr. Maria Chavez-Haroldson in the successful completion of her dissertation:


LatinX Diversity Officers in Higher Education: Capacitating Cultural Values as Champions of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Dr. Chavez-Haroldson’s study explores the lived experiences […]

Writers’ Exchange “Ask the Editor”: URLs in Dissertations


URLs in the Reference Section

From time to time we field questions about how to properly style URLs within the References section of a dissertation. In this post I will outline our expectations and some best practices to help ensure good results.
Please note that the various programs at Antioch have slight differences in their accepted styles […]

Writers’ Exchange “Ask the Editor”: ORCID


What is my ORCID Number? 

ORCID Scholar Number: 


 AU doctoral students are required to include their ORCID number on the title page of their dissertation. Doing so, will ensure that the dissertation and your identity are protected and acknowledged. Similar to periodicals having individual DOIs, the ORCID number becomes a researcher’s digital identification. 

The […]

Congratulations, Nate Woods, PhD!
Graduate School in Leadership & Change


Photo Credit: GE Aviation

Please join The Writers’ Exchange in congratulating Dr. Nate Woods in the successful completion of his dissertation:


Taking Off in Africa: Critical Elements of Aircraft Engine Manufacturer Engagement That Can Affect Airline Safety Performance


My research examines critical elements of successful interorganizational engagement between aircraft engine manufactures and airlines. Engagement during two maintenance processes […]

Writers’ Exchange “Ask the Editor” Questions and Answers


I’ve gotten differing views about including the copyright symbol when mentioning Survey Monkey, SPSS, etc. APA style guide 6th edition says not to include but others indicate it is an Antioch preference. Can you please clarify? 


Answer: For your assignments at Antioch, do what your instructor or program asks, so in this case, include the copyright symbol. But […]

Congratulations, Erin W. Berzins, PhD, LMHC, Antioch University Seattle!


Please join The Writers’ Exchange in congratulating Erin W. Berzins in the successful completion of their dissertation:


The Role of Emotional Overcontrol in the Acceptance of Counselor Training Feedback


This research examined the relationship between the trait of emotional overcontrol and the phenomenon of accepting feedback within master’s level counseling programs.  I wanted to understand how overcontrol […]

Tips for Writing a Literature Review


What is a Literature Review?

The Literature Review overviews, analyzes, and sometimes critiques relevant previous research.
It lays the groundwork for the original research presented in a thesis/dissertation by demonstrating that the research fills a “gap” in the literature and/or contributes something new or has implications for specific areas of study within the field.

A Literature Review is […]

Tips for Dissertation Introductions


The introduction informs your audience about the importance of your topic, the research question(s) you plan to investigate, and your hypothesis or core claim (thesis statement).  It also outlines the structure of the rest of the dissertation, through a chapter overview.


Write Literature Reviews First (Before the Introduction)

You should wait and write your Introduction after you […]

Are you using a Citation Manager?


WEX Alert!


Formatting Issues Inflicted by Citation Managers

Citation managers can be useful tools for helping researchers keep track of citations for academic publications and grey literature in their field.  They are developed to help writers organize their research; however, writers should use them cautiously while writing longer manuscripts, such as, theses, dissertations, and manuscripts.  Citation managers, […]

Break Breakdown


WEX Alert!


Formatting a dissertation can challenge even the most savvy of writers.  With its separate front pages, different chapters, footnotes, and other special formatting, there are multiple times that require a “break” in the document’s formatting.

For example, breaks are especially helpful when you need to change the pagination style from the front pages to the […]