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In Times of Social Distancing: Freewrite!

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Freewriting is creating an intentional space for unstructured. This writing is uncensored and has no other purpose than to allow creative, free associative thinking.  It’s important that it’s done on paper, to allow the mind-body connection as well as to insure that built-in censors of our computer programs don’t interfere. Silence the critical “eye/I” and […]

Creating a Personalized Video Multimedia Abstract

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Author Video on Electronic Theses & Dissertations


For the past few years, many programs have required graduates to upload a photo with their dissertation. Most times, these photos are taken at the final presentation or oral defense. Having a picture of the new doctorate with their committee helps readers connect with the person who […]

Organizing the Dissertation

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Dissertation Overview

All dissertations must include the following elements and pages:


  • Title page (aka cover page)
  • Signature page (aka committee page but without signatures)
  • Copyright page (strongly recommended to protect your scholarship)
  • Abstract (We’ll emphasize spending quality time refining the abstract as it’s widely read)
  • Dedication page (optional)
  • Acknowledgments page (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Table of […]

Quick APA Table and Appendices Formatting Tips

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This reference is for tables and appendices only. Be sure to consult your department/program handbook to view the dissertation formatting requirements. Figures (e.g., photos or graphics) may have different formatting requirements. For formatting photos and videos, consult the WEX resource “Best Practices for Media.”


General Considerations for Tables

  • There are many kinds of tables, […]

Quick Dissertation Formatting Reference

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Congratulations! You’re ready to write your dissertation. One way to mitigate the “intimidation factor” of this manuscript is to begin with small steps. This resource encourages you to become familiar with the auto-formatting functions in Word and to prepare the document ahead of time. Doing so can be a productive activity that will save time […]

Dissertation Survival Tips

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  1. Suffering from writer’s block? Take a break! Try taking a shower or a short walk, then come back to your writing with fresh eyes.


  1. Avoid burnout! While working on your dissertation, remember to give yourself a break every once in a while: read something for fun that’s outside of your field or watch […]

Working from Home Tips from the WEX Experts


The Covid-19 crisis has forced many into new experiences of “working” or “studying” from home. At WEX, all of us have had long-term employment working remotely in digital spaces. As any new work environment can have its challenges, we thought we’d collectively share a few ideas with you. Hope these tips help you and others […]

DOIs & URLs in References

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DOIs & URLs in the Reference Section

Periodically, we field questions about how to properly format  online resources within the References section of a dissertation. Since online researching has become more of a standard practice, guidelines have been adapted. The DOI is a “Digital Object Identifier” that ensures a direct, permanent online location of the source. […]

What is my ORCID Number? 

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ORCID Scholar Number:

AU students are required to include their ORCID [1] number on the title page of their dissertations/theses. Doing so, will ensure that the dissertation and your identity are protected and acknowledged. Similar to periodicals having individual DOIs, the ORCID number becomes a researcher’s digital identification.

The ORCID number an individual numerical […]

Writers’ Exchange “Ask the Editor” Questions and Answers


I’ve gotten differing views about including the copyright symbol when mentioning Survey Monkey, SPSS, etc. APA style guide 6th edition says not to include but others indicate it is an Antioch preference. Can you please clarify? 


Answer: For your assignments at Antioch, do what your instructor or program asks, so in this case, include the copyright symbol. But […]

Basics for Writing Literature Reviews

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What is a Literature Review?

The Literature Review overviews, analyzes, and sometimes critiques relevant previous research.
It lays the groundwork for the original research presented in a thesis/dissertation by demonstrating that the research fills a “gap” in the literature and/or contributes something new or has implications for specific areas of study within the field.

A Literature Review is […]