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Rules with Academic Degrees


WEX has had a few questions in the past couple of months regarding ways of acknowledging academic degrees in our writing, and we hope this posting would help clarify the rules.  

Capitalization: In the academy we might feel compelled to capitalize all our degrees as well as subject areas. […]

The Tension with Tenses

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I’ve found that when working with ESL students, the most challenging thing for me has been explaining verb tenses. Now, as a bilingual person, I completely understand how confusing English is. That doesn’t mean I have a clue of how to explain the use of the correct tense though even if I used […]

Formatting Tips for Track Changes

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Wex Editors use “Track Changes” for their in-text corrections and comments. When working with tracked changes and/or comments to a document, you’re going to want to access the “review” section of MS Word.

When your document has been reviewed using Track Changes, you must take the extra step to “Accept” or “Reject” all changes and comments. […]

A Recipe for Semi-accuracy

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I like to think of punctuation as spice for words—sprinkle in a pinch of commas, add a dash of dashes, and drop in a semicolon or two for flavor. Semicolons, though, can be like the little jars of marjoram or fennel in the back of the spice rack. I’m still not really sure what marjoram […]

Email Etiquette

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What would we do without email? These days we rely heavily on email as one of our primary modes of communication, and while email is generally more informal than the formal letter, emailing a colleague or professional associate is best regarded in a more formal light. Reason? We’re usually emailing this person with […]

Writing an Annotated Bibliography

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The Annotated Bibliography is a standard academic writing exercise that stimulates critical thinking through researching, analyzing, and evaluating those resources to compose effective annotations. The Annotated Bibliography reflects the researcher’s understanding and evaluation of sources, and thus it is an excellent vehicle for increasing expertise in a topic.

Annotated bibliographies are wonderful […]