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Bloom’s Taxonomy & Writing

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Led by Benjamin Bloom (1956), educational psychologists at the University of Chicago created this taxonomy for categorizing learning commonly occurring in educational settings. Their work was greatly influential in distinguishing three domains of intelligence (cognitive, affective and psychomotor), which has encouraged other research in the area of intelligence (namely, Howard Gardner).

The […]

Achieving a Scholarly Voice

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Completing assignments and writing papers requires much of a writer as writing is more than just filing in blanks of information. Writing, real writing, in which we wrestle with ideas and come to conclusions is hard work. Writing requires critical engagement with material, deep understanding to be able to summarize others’ work, and original articulation […]

WEX Tips: The Literature Review

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It’s advisable for students to regard an evolution of the literature review to gradually becoming more involved and complex as they progress through graduate programs. When it comes to a project, dissertation or thesis proposal, the literature review transforms into a more expansive and comprehensive review of the research related to a topic and field. […]

Specific Guidelines for Enhanced Readability

  • State your purpose explicitly. Make your issue very clear.
  • Make the topic of each section and paragraph visually prominent.
    • Use headings and subheadings appropriately and correctly
    • Place topic sentences in the beginning of paragraphs
  • Maintain the topic in the reader’s mind by referring to it frequently
    • Readers (especially with lengthy, dense material) prefer an […]

WEX Editors on Common Errors Seen in Dissertations

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WEX Editors on Common Errors Seen in Dissertations

We’ve asked the WEX editors about the common APA errors they’re seeing in dissertations and have created this list in the hopes writers might have an advantage in self-editing their dissertations.[1]  Here we go:

Table of Contents:

  • Inconsistent wording from the heading in […]

Cracking the Cover Letter

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Cover letters are a part of job, internship, and practicum applications that always tripped me up.  As soon as I saw the words “cover letter”, I felt stuck because I didn’t know where to begin.  Unfortunately, as a graduate student, cover letters are an unavoidable part of my life.  […]

Formatting Tips for Track Changes

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At the Writers’ Exchange, we honor the writer’s authority on the manuscript. As a result, WEX Editors use Tracking Changes for their in-text corrections and comments. If you’re working with a document that has been reviewed by a WEX editor, try opening the “Review Pane” (found when you click on […]

Five Habits of Successful Professionals

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Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of students in on-ground classes, online classes and hybrid courses too. Though the technology has constantly changed, certain things have not.

Check out the five online habits used by high performers in adult, online education:

  • Successful learners stay in touch with the online […]

Email Etiquette

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What would we do without email? These days we rely heavily on email as one of our primary modes of communication, and while email is generally more informal than the formal letter, emailing a colleague or professional associate is best regarded in a more formal light. Reason? We’re usually emailing this person with […]