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Doctoral Writers

Find Community While Writing

At any time in your doctoral program, you might become aware that you need help with your writing. It might be that your professors are requesting that you revise papers or that you realize that you’re struggling with a particular paper. This self-awareness is not something to be ashamed about, and frankly could be a reflection of your writing strengths, rather than weaknesses. Making the effort to seek support will help in many areas of your writing.

From the proposal to the dissertation, doctoral writing employs sophisticated organization, researching, writing, revising, and formatting of documents. The final writing, the research proposal and dissertation demand your keen balancing of your ideas and plans or results of your research with the current research in the field.

At WEX, our doctoral writing coaches and editors appreciate the complexities of this intellectual enterprise. Find community and support through WEX. We’re Antioch, and we care about your success.

At affordable hourly rates, we strive to support you with a multiple services:

Writing Coaching:

  • Planning and Organizing the Proposal/Dissertation
  • Creating a writing plan that will support success
  • Developing content

Editing: a thorough review of your document for

  • Writing style
  • Style, word choice, and syntax

Format Editing:

  • Compliance with major professional formats: APA, Chicago, MLA.


On Writing Dissertations

From the Director’s Desk: Writing a dissertation is a daunting enterprise: it’s the most in-depth researching and writing enterprise of your academic program.  Its chapters & their purposes can be unfamiliar and the pressure to “validate” can be enormous. It can also intimidate just by its “book-sized” length. Each of these characteristics can incite a unique “writer’s block,” but if you take it one step, one chapter at a time, you can find yourself gradually completing the dissertation. As my mentor once said: “The only good dissertation is the done dissertation.” One cause of writer’s block that can be easily [...]

Resources for Writing Your Dissertation

The Delicate Balance of Using Quotes

2020|Comments Off on The Delicate Balance of Using Quotes

Academic readers expect a substantiated development of ideas; and as a result, quotes, citations, and references become a mainstay of academic writing. However, the use of direct quotes, and especially lengthy quotes, evolves through academic [...]

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Deconstructing the Dissertation

2020|Comments Off on Deconstructing the Dissertation

Parts of the Dissertation: Deconstructing the Chapters   You’ve already written a proposal, so you probably have an idea that each chapter has a distinct purpose. However, don’t be fooled into thinking the literature review [...]