International Writers

Write Your Best English

We all strive to be understood, and The Writers’ Exchange has English language experts to help you achieve this goal. Our ELL editors and coaches have academic credentials and professional experience to provide you with expert support.

Successful Academic Writing

Students want to be successful, and one’s writing shouldn’t be judged by errors. Having the WEX ELL Editor as your guide will help you avoid common pitfalls in writing in American English. The WEX Editor or Coach will guide you to ensure that your writing is clear, accurate and written according to the expectations of the academic community.

Successful Professional Communication

Clarity and effective communication are more relied upon today than ever before. Rapid correspondences via email or precision in white papers demand an ability to write fluently. All writers want to avoid being misunderstood or being misrepresented by errors in our writing. The WEX editor will review your writing to ensure you’re using words, idioms and phrases correctly and that you’re grammatically correct. Having the WEX Writing Coach will help you develop the language skills needed to be successful in the American professional environment. Having quick attention to your writing will also ensure that you’re not losing any time when engaging with colleagues.