A Variety of Options to Suit Your Needs

As a “non-profit” institution of higher education, Antioch University is dedicated in providing excellence in professional writing support. WEX has developed a fee scale that we believe is economical for graduate students while also acknowledging the professional work of the WEX editor. Our editors are former or current academics and work with WEX because they are committed to helping student writers. As a result, we have decided to provide hourly rates because it is more economical and benefits the student client. WEX editors strive to to be efficient, and many times they can edit over 15 pages per hour. Our typical turnaround period is one week, but longer, special projects may require additional time. Should you need a quicker turnaround time, rush editing is also available at a slightly higher rate.

We appreciate that you’re at the end of your writing process and that this is an additional expense. There are no hidden fees or charges at WEX: we will always be transparent with you about a time frame and expected cost for your submission.


Antioch University created WEX to ensure all academic writers have access to excellent editing at reasonable rates.

General Editing Services

$50 / hour
  • Support for a variety of writing: select proofreading, editing, style/format editing, or some combination of the three.

Thesis & Dissertation Editing

$55 / hour
  • Editing of your dissertation or professional writing including format and stylistic review to ensure a polished presentation.

Writing Coaching

$65 / hour
  • A weekly or┬ámonthly online meeting to help you in writing your academic papers (such as your dissertation) and/or prepare other writing for a professional audience (such as journal articles or websites).

Academic Editing Services

$40 / hour
  • Submit your academic papers and assignments for proofreading, editing, and style/format editing.

Thesis & Dissertation Editing

$45 / hour
  • Submit your proposal, thesis, or dissertation for proofreading, editing, and style/format editing.

Writing Coaching

$55 / hour
  • Meet weekly or┬ámonthly with a PhD coach for greater success with your writing.

Specialized Services

Developmental Coaching & Editing

Starting at $115
  • Feeling stuck? A dissertation is a complex manuscript, and a WEX PhD Coach will provide the expert support to help you conceptualize the document, plan the content, gain greater clarity of ideas, organization, along with light copy editing. Combination packages are also available.

Professional/Creative Writing

$50 / hour
  • Whether it’s a short story, journal article, or book manuscript, you want a polished manuscript to submit to the publisher. Whatever your writing needs, WEX editors are here to help.

Dissertation Format Correction

$40 / hour
  • Have a marked up dissertation and don’t have the time to correct it? The WEX Editor will correct the format of the full manuscript, with the exception of information lacking in citations, references, etc. that only the writer would know. Your manuscript will be returned polished with an automated Table of Contents. 1 week turnaround.

Dissertation to Journal Article/Book

  • Thinking of publishing from your dissertation? This combined coaching and editing service is for those interested in transforming their dissertations into other manuscripts; such as, articles or books written for another audience. Don’t do this alone; have an expert help you finish the project.

Not sure which option is right for you? Check out details on our services page, or contact us directly with questions!

If you’re looking for a combined rate for multiple services, please contact us by e-mail at wex@antioch.edu.