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Empowering Doctoral Writers

At the final stages of doctoral study, you’ll be required to write intensively and at length to prove your knowledge and research expertise. As this writing is complicated and complex, it’s wise to have support from experts. At WEX, our doctoral writing coaches and editors appreciate the complexities of this intellectual enterprise and can help you at any stage of your writing process: from articulating your ideas to correcting the format. WEX Editors & PhD Coaches will ensure that your manuscripts are properly formatted, that your research proposal effectively impresses your reader of your capabilities and readiness to take on the research study, that the individual chapters of your dissertation are well-written and developed, and that all comply with the program’s style sheet. We offer packages and hourly rates. Whatever your needs, WEX is here to help.

At affordable hourly rates, we strive to support you with a multiple services:

Deep Editing:

  • Feedback on writing elements such as organization, clarity of content, specificity of research design and methods
  • Best done before the document is complete or being submitted to the committee

Copy Editing:

  •  For writing style, sentence-level revisions, transitions, and word choice
  • This careful review is best done near the end of the writing process, prior to submission to your chair &/or the final defense

Format Editing:

  • Adjusts the formatting of your document according to a specific format and style sheet
  • Compliance with major professional formats (APA, Chicago, MLA) and program handbook
  • Best accomplished with a final draft of the manuscript
  • You are expected to have all content, including in-text citations, in place before requesting this service.


Writing Coaching:

  • Planning and Organizing the Proposal/Dissertation
  • Creating a writing plan that will support success
  • Developing content

The WEX editor provides line-by-line feedback related to writing structure, style, and clarity. A full copy edit ensures that the development of the material is well-organized and the prose is clear and concise. The editor line edits for syntax, fragments, verbal tenses and word choice as well as proofreads for typos and other errors. All formatting issues are corrected. If you are concerned about writing style, the organization of ideas, and format, this deep editing support is the service for you.

Up to 10 hours of editing for dissertations no longer than 200 pages in length. 

Email WEX for longer dissertations.  

To get started, please upload your current draft of your dissertation. Once you submit your dissertation, you will receive an email from WEX and a WEX editor will edit your work.


  • AU Students: $425
  • External Clients: $625

Time & Completion of Editing

  • WEX editors will complete your manuscript within 2 weeks, unless the document requires extensive review – at which point, WEX will contact the client.
  • Should clients want the document edited within a week, we have a rush order option with an additional charge of $40.

Dissertation Triage Program

Dissertations are challenging – potentially the most complex piece of writing any academic will write – so it’s natural to need extra support. WEX’s Dissertation Triage is a six-week program designed to support you in writing your dissertation. If you’re feeling stuck, unmotivated, overwhelmed, or just know that getting help makes sense, Dissertation Triage is a vital step to success.

The WEX Writing Experts have designed Dissertation Triage to provide doctoral students with individualized writing support that will quickly identify effective strategies to overcome the challenges of writing the dissertation.  Dissertation Triage includes online meetings and editing with WEX PhD Coach.

  • 1  hour of initial consultation to review needs & create strategy
  • 3  20-minute check-ins to monitor progress & ask questions
  • 5  hours of editing spread over 6 weeks

Reduced Rate to AU Students     ––    $299

As the adage goes:  “A good dissertation is a done dissertation.”

Getting help is easy and accessible. Click here to sign up! 

This service is for those interested in transforming their dissertations into other manuscripts; such as, articles or books written for another audience.

Taking the academic manuscript of the dissertation and creating another document relies on a certain amount of transformation to occur. It certainly requires an ability to copy edit a lengthy manuscript of disparate parts in such a way that it becomes a readable text tailored to a new audience. WEX PhD editors have the editing expertise and breadth of writing exposure to help you meet this goal.

This service involves a deposit for an initial hour-long consultation and 5 hours of editing. Your WEX editor will keep in touch through regular emails, and you will be apprised of the development of the manuscript. Depending on the length of the project, there might be further editing costs, but WEX will keep you apprised throughout the process.

This is a service available only to the Antioch University community. 


Special formatting of the table of contents is the final polish of the dissertation, especially for an online publication. Your readers will appreciate having the facility of this integrated table of contents.  This service is completed only for “final” versions of the manuscript.

The WEX editor will use features in Word to auto format all headings to create a Table of Contents (and other lists) to create this streamlined, automated table. Rate is $40/hour, and we require a deposit of 3 hours for manuscripts under 200 pages, and 5 hour deposit for longer documents.


The Comprehensive Exams are “high stakes” writing, and you want to do your best to submit a polished manuscript of your responses. You want your knowledge to shine and do not want stray errors to negatively affect your reader’s evaluation. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to use WEX services to have your document edited for format.

With your program’s permission, WEX can edit your comprehensive exam responses for format editing only. Since it’s an exam, it’s fundamental that WEX editors respect your writer’s voice and knowledge of the material. As a result, WEX editors will not copyedit but focus their edits on cleaning & polishing the document for typos, errors in syntax, citations, references, etc. WEX editors will not change the substance of your content nor advise on missing material.

Depending on their individual writing process, students may submit their responses as they complete them or submit all at once. There’s value in having the full document and cross-checking the references section. So, if you decide to submit as you write, you might benefit from a final submission of the full document for this final review. However, you need to ensure that you’ll receive everything back in time for your deadline.

WEX believes that writers have the final responsibility for any changes in the Word document. WEX editors use Track Changes and will send you two versions of your writing: one with the Track Changes present and the other with all changes accepted. Comments will appear on both versions of your document so that they receive your attention. You will have to delete all comments prior to submitting the manuscript of responses.

Since most writers at this point are at a quick deadline, please email WEX directly should you have any questions. WEX also requires that you confirm the availability of WEX editing two weeks prior to your submission deadline.

Considering the expediency and arranging a dedicated editor, the rates are $50/hour, charged at the conclusion of the edit.


  • First submit your work for editing; we ask for a 5 hour deposit with dissertations & take credit card for all submissions. Should the dissertation require more time than 5 hours, we will notify you and request supplemental payment when the dissertation is completed. If less, you may use that time for continued edits upon your revisions.
  • Thoroughly complete the submission form and don’t shy away from providing detail.  The more your editor knows about your writing and what your committee has already advised, the more personalized the editing.
  • Once we’ve received your submission, you will receive an email from WEX. A typical turnaround is 1 week from date of submission. WEX will also email you should the editor have any questions, so it’s important that you maintain an eye on your email account.
  • The editor uses Track Changes, and your document will be returned to you with corrections and comments for your revision. Editing is done upon the document because we respect the writer’s ownership of the material and thus require you to accept changes and attend to the comments. Should you need it, we have directions on using Track Changes in the FAQs.
  • Like writing, editing and revising entail a process. Should you want further editing of your dissertation, you may write directly to WEX (wex@antioch.edu) or submit a new submission.

We are dedicated to supporting you, the individual writer, and have developed a fee scale that we hope is economical for you and also acknowledges the professional work of the editor. Specific writing needs may require additional time and effort, but we will always provide you with a total cost along with the initial editing contract.

Dissertation/Professional Editing: $45.00 per hour (Reduced rates during Covid Pandemic.)

AU Discounted Price: $ 45.00 per hour

For Antioch Students and Alumni, we offer professional services at a discounted hourly rate.

For more details, check out our pricing page!

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