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Empowering Doctoral Writers

From the proposal to the dissertation, doctoral writing employs sophisticated organization, researching, writing, revising, and formatting of documents. The final writing, the research proposal and dissertation demand keen balancing of your ideas and plans, or results of your research with the current research in the field. At WEX, our doctoral writing coaches and editors appreciate the complexities of this intellectual enterprise.

At affordable hourly rates, we strive to support you with a multiple services:

Writing Coaching:

  • Planning and Organizing the Proposal/Dissertation
  • Creating a writing plan that will support success
  • Developing content


  • Guidance on appropriate writing style
  • Thorough review of your document for style, word choice, and syntax

Format Editing:

  • Compliance with major professional formats: APA, Chicago, MLA.

We’ve developed an archive of resources for Doctoral Writers: check out the full list on our Doctoral Writers page!

We are dedicated to supporting you, the individual writer, and have developed a fee scale that we hope is economical for you and also acknowledges the professional work of the editor. Specific writing needs may require additional time and effort, but we will always provide you with a total cost along with the initial editing contract.

For Antioch Students and Alumni, we offer professional services at a discounted hourly rate.

For details, check out our pricing page!

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Finish What You’ve Begun

Writing has many stages. Our WEX editors can help you at every stage of your project, from proofreading and formatting to more substantive writing support. Whether it is academic writing or business writing, we have editors who can help you succeed. And our usual turnaround is less than a week from the time you’ve submitted the editing request.

You’re in the final stretch, and you’ve been working with your document so long that you don’t see the typos, misspelled words, or other errors that can invariably persist despite the best of self-revising. Another pair of eyes can give you the assurance that your document is error free.

The WEX proofreader works with the final draft and will correct typos or other mistakes in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The proofreader will check that any online links in the writing are accurate, and point out formatting inconsistencies as they appear. However, the proofreader will not make any changes to your format or content.

You should have all content, including in-text citations, in place before requesting this service. If requesting this service for a dissertation, ensure that you have approval from your committee.

Having editorial support is invaluable to writing success for every stage of the writing process. The Writers’ Exchange offers editing help from the very beginning of a project, including thesis development and organization, to the final revisions of sentence structure and the conclusion. If you’re concerned about the direction or clarity of your writing, the WEX editor will work with you to review your entire document. WEX editors provide line-by-line feedback related to thesis statement, organization, structure, style, and clarity as well as correct sentence-level concerns (spelling, punctuation, and grammar).

Types of Documents:
Professional Writing

  • Manuscripts & White Papers
  • Strategic Plans
  • Articles
  • Grant Proposals
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Client correspondences

Academic Papers

  • Final Papers
  • Projects
  • Master’s Theses
  • Doctoral Proposals
  • Dissertations
  • Academic Journal Articles

The Substantive Editor works with your entire document and provides support for idea development, clarity, and organization. This is a more involved writing support to help you with development of ideas and control of style, and can also help with related sentence level concerns such as syntax and word choice.

Substantive editing is best done during the draft stage of the writing process when you are ready for comprehensive feedback; for example, when you’re at the early stage of drafting your proposal and need support developing content, framing research, or improving organization. At times, this support can focus on developmental writing needs and English fluency. We encourage writers to combine this service with direct consultation with a Writing Coach.

Want to work on both content development and writing style? WEX also offers a 2-part Substantive Editing service in which the initial editing support is dedicated to content development and organization, followed by a copy-editing review to address paragraphing, syntax, grammar, and writing style.

PLEASE NOTE: Substantive editing is available to dissertations and their proposals prior to the formal submission to committee chairs. Other editing, format editing and proofreading services, however, are still available for returned proposals and dissertations.

Remember, we’re here to help you succeed. Should you have any questions about any of our services, just contact us directly and we’re happy to discuss what will work best for your need.

You’re at the end of your writing process of an important document, and you know it deserves the polish that an outsider’s eye can provide to the format. Perhaps you are preparing your dissertation for final submission to your committee. Or perhaps your dissertation has been approved, and you’ve been advised to have a format or style editor review the full document for its accuracy in following the style sheet. Or you might be preparing for publication and want to make sure you meet the style requirements of a specific journal.

The WEX Style Editor will adjust the formatting of your document, paying careful attention to fonts, margins, header/footer, punctuation, headings, table/figure captions, front matter, references/work cited, etc. WEX editors can work with most style sheets, including APA, MLA, and Chicago as well as specific journals or publishers. If you are submitting a dissertation or article that relies on an internal style sheet, please include that style sheet.

Format editing is best accomplished with a finalized draft of the manuscript. You should have all content, including in-text citations, in place before requesting this service. The format editor will adjust only what is included and will not look for missing information or incomplete citations.

WEX Format Editors work with both Word and PDF files depending upon the status of the document. Any dissertation that has received formal approval from the committee should be formatted as PDF file in order to secure the format. Should you have any questions, please refer to the WEX Dissertation FAQs Sheet.

Want to reach clients in more than one language? How about two? Have our editors translate your promotional materials.

Every business has the potential to become international. Our global Translation and Localization services can do everything from keeping your creative campaigns on brand, to ensuring your orders and project specifications are both accurate and professional.

The Writers’ Exchange uses Submittable to manage the editing process.

How to submit your material:

  1. Use the “click here to submit” button to go to our submissions page
  2. Select your category
  3. Create a free Submittable account by entering your name, email, & a password
  4. Fill out the form
  5. Hit submit!

We are dedicated to supporting you, the individual writer, and have developed a fee scale that we hope is economical for you and also acknowledges the professional work of the editor. Specific writing needs may require additional time and effort, but we will always provide you with a total cost along with the initial editing contract.

For Antioch Students and Alumni, we offer professional services at a discounted hourly rate.

For details, check out our pricing page!

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Work with a Writing Coach or Developmental Editor

Coaches work directly with writers to identify and strengthen their unique learning styles, develop their writing skills, and create plans and strategies for managing writing responsibilities. WEX Coaches understand the challenges of writing and are committed to supporting writers.

Developmental Editors help writers plan & structure their writing project, from start to finish. These editors have expertise in the publishing field and can help you succeed in your writing process. Should you want, they may also guide you in effectively marketing of your manuscript.

Everyone can improve their writing, and targeted one-to-one coaching is one of the most effective methods of skills development. Individual business writing coaching and support can help even the most experienced business writer to write more quickly and more confidently and to create greater impact through their written communication.

As a student or professional, investing in a writing coach will have lasting influences on your writing. Whether you want to learn effective time management strategies to achieve your goals or develop ways of overcoming writers’ block, a writing coach will provide you with the individualized writing support that will help you get the most from your time.

Whether you’re a student or a business professional, you’ve decided that you can benefit from working directly with a writing coach. The one-on-one consultation will help you move from the paralysis of writer’s block or uncover the complexities of a particular piece of writing. You know that you learn best when you can share ideas with someone who can help you articulate new ideas. Research also indicates that focused, individualized coaching can be essential in improving and advancing your writing skills.

  • Increase your success as a clear, confident communicator
  • Develop further confidence in your potential as a business writer
  • Gain awareness of your own strengths and areas for development
  • Have intentional opportunities for reflection and growth between sessions
  • Receive personalized feedback from an experienced business writing coach
  • Take away resources for future reference
  • Ensure further development of your business writing skills with actionable strategies
  • Sign up for one-hour sessions as you need them, or plan beforehand how much time you’re ready to invest in your writing growth. Don’t know how many sessions you need? Email us with an inquiry. We’re committed to ensuring that you receive the support you need.
  • Once we receive your request and payment, you will receive an email from the WEX Coach about your meeting. The meeting may be conducted in whatever format you’re comfortable with: by phone or by a virtual meeting.
  • Meetings are a full hour in length. Once time and length are decided, you and your WEX Coach will begin the writing journey.

To make the most of your writing consultation, take a few minutes to organize your thoughts and ask yourself the following questions:

1. What are you writing?
2. What do you think are the obstacles?
3. Who is your audience?
4. What feedback have you already received?
5. What would you like from the coaching experience?
6. How much time do you realistically have to devote to this effort?
7. What are your specific deadlines?
8. Decide if you prefer online conversation (Google Hangout or Skype) or phone conversation. If necessary, prepare your computer.

We are dedicated to supporting you, the individual writer, and have developed an hourly fee scale that we hope is economical for you and also acknowledges the professional work of the WEX Writing Coach.

Should you want additional written feedback on a draft of writing that you are working on, you may submit that prior to your consultation. Please contact us to arranged combined prices.

Check out our pricing for coaching services!

Coaching and developmental editing session

Check out our Submission Options for Coaching:
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WEX webinar on tablet


Attend a webinar to learn easy strategies for writing success! Our presenters are expert instructors on issues of writing. We want our webinars to respond directly to your needs. Currently in development – we’re interested in hearing from you what you’d like to learn! Email us with your interest.

Below are just a sampling of our webinar titles:

  • Gaining Focus and Control in Your Writing
  • Writing the Perfect Cover Letter
  • Writing Resumés That Get Read
  • Writing with Purpose
  • Overcoming Writer’s Block
  • Writing with Your Brand in Mind

Strategies for Writing Success

This 6-part series will review the nuts and bolts for writing success, from beginning with the writing basics to developing strategies that work. Added value guaranteed with individual consultations.

  • Re-Learning the Basics: Syntax Simplified!
  • Writing to Get Read: It’s All about the Audience!
  • Organizing your ideas: Logical Constructions
  • Building your Personal Toolbox for Proofreading and Revising
  • Optimizing your Potential through Voice
  • Real World Writing: Emails to One-Pagers

Check out the Writer’s Exchange Webinars page to see updates on our live webinar schedule!