Revising for Clarity and Precision: The Paramedic Method

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Perhaps you’ve been told that your writing is wordy or that your heavy phrasing confuses your reader. Most writers face this problem of “overwriting.”  However, clear sentences are integral to clarity and facilitating your reader’s understanding. To ensure greater readability, try using the Paramedic Method described here.

The “Paramedic Method” is an easy, do-it yourself approach […]

Finding Clarity Despite the Clutter

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Like many, I multi-task throughout the day, juggling various responsibilities at the computer. Today, I’m juggling emails, finishing reports, editing texts, and writing this reflection.  If I am not careful, a variety of documents stack upon each other on my screen, and multiple internet browsers lie open, tempting me to […]

Trimming the Fat

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The best of my writing is marked by a direct, concise style, and yet I confess that it seldom begins that way. In fact, I tend to “overwrite” as I discover what I want to say.  Early drafts are littered with meandering sentences in which thoughts are linked together with heavy phrasing. And of course, […]