Procrastination Nation

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I acquired a nasty habit in college: procrastination. However, I’ve started retraining myself not to wait until the last minute to write. I used to say “Oh, I write better under pressure,” except that writing under pressure meant writing a day or two before the paper was due, late at night, hyped up on coffee, [...]

Finding Clarity Despite the Clutter

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Like many, I multi-task throughout the day, juggling various responsibilities at the computer. Today, I’m juggling emails, finishing reports, editing texts, and writing this reflection.  If I am not careful, a variety of documents stack upon each other on my screen, and multiple internet browsers lie open, tempting me to explore in new directions. My [...]

Five Habits of Successful Professionals

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Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of students in on-ground classes, online classes and hybrid courses too. Though the technology has constantly changed, certain things have not. Check out the five online habits used by high performers in adult, online education: Successful learners stay in touch with the online environment. Some login once or [...]