WEX Tips: The Literature Review

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It’s advisable for students to regard an evolution of the literature review to gradually becoming more involved and complex as they progress through graduate programs. When it comes to a project, dissertation or thesis proposal, the literature review transforms into a more expansive and comprehensive review of the research related to a topic and field. […]

Basics for Writing Literature Reviews

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What is a Literature Review?

The Literature Review overviews, analyzes, and sometimes critiques relevant previous research.
It lays the groundwork for the original research presented in a thesis/dissertation by demonstrating that the research fills a “gap” in the literature and/or contributes something new or has implications for specific areas of study within the field.

A Literature Review is […]

The Review of Literature as a Research Essay

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The Review of Literature is often a daunting academic writing task. While there are sometimes specific purposes outlined by your faculty member, most reviews of literature serve as an overview of the research that support your prevailing thesis or  research questions outlined in your proposal or final project (thesis or dissertation).  Referencing your literature here […]