Writers on Writing

Follow the founder and previous director of the Writers’ Exchange, Anne Maxham, as she strolls down the virtual hallway and meets up with Antioch writers. Through these short, focused conversations viewers will realize that successful writers all have learned various strategies that bring them success. In these videos, you’ll also learn more about the range of writing AU writers do and perhaps learn something new about the writing process. The hope is that in these short interviews, Antioch and other writers will gain strategies from the expertise of those interviewed while recognizing the complex, intellectual activity engaged in writing.

Episode 6: Lorinda Toledo, PhD – Creative Writing

Episode 5: Joseph Cronin, PhD – Poetry

To read more of Joe’s poems, his latest book is available on Amazon.

Episode 4: John Dunham, MS – Scientific Writing

Episode 3: Harold Hale, MA – Strategies & Successes in Technical Writing

Episode 2: Shana Hormann, PhD – Healthy Practices in Collaborative Writing

Episode 1: Chancellor William Groves, JD – Letter Writing & Connecting With Your Audience

June 1, 2020 Dear AU Community,   Noose or knee, lynching or suffocation, the result is still death at the hands of the very law enforcement institutions meant to serve and protect.  We have all seen the gruesome video of the last minutes of George Floyd’s life, lying on the ground in Minneapolis, handcuffed, helpless, clearly within police officer control and custody, yet with one officer’s knee still planted forcefully on his neck, holding him down while he cries, sobs and begs for his life, pleading that he could not breathe.  “Please Momma, I can’t breathe.”  His death rips at our hearts.  The officers’ callous [...]