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“Quick and very professional. Rates were competitive, and I felt like the editor was dedicated to helping me succeed, not just correct my work.”

“My editor was great and very thorough! Thanks, WEX!”
“My dissertation, which means a great deal to me, only shined brighter and was made better with the WEX team’s efforts.”

“When you are tired and just can’t go any further with editing, grammar, citations, or if you just need a few ideas about how to reformulate a paragraph or linking sentence, WEX is there for you.”

“Typically the process is much longer, but WEX provided consistent writing support which allowed me to concentrate on research.”

“I’m excited that my dissertation is complete and grammatically and stylistically perfect!”

“Thank you for helping me make the deadline! The editor was prompt to return edits and worked with me to get the job done. The process was relatively easy from beginning to end.”
“Wow! Thank you so much! The turn around was unexpectedly quick and the comments are very helpful.”
“The Writers’ Exchange was instrumental for me to find my confidence and voice as a writer. This has been a learning and amazing experience.”
“It was such a relief to have a professional eye on my manuscript. There was just no way at all I was going to catch everything, no matter how many times I meticulously scoured my book. Good thing, too–my editor captured everything and I was able to polish the manuscript accordingly.”

“Thanks so much for this wonderful feedback. I really appreciate your help with this chapter.”

“I appreciate how efficient, clear, and swift the feedback was from my WEX editor. I had a quick deadline to finish and publish and I was able to make it due to WEX’s service.”

“The process was very smooth and efficient!”
“I am more confident in my writing and ‘entering the academic conversation.’ The lessons that I have learned from my writing coach continue to be invaluable. Again, thank you for meeting me in this most uncomfortable space.”

“The quality editing I get at WEX has fine-tuned my voice and improved my writing significantly. I have tried other editing services and plan to stay with the impressive service WEX offers.”

“I would begin this process early and return often if you are student. The process will go so much smoother and WEX is willing to support you in the process. WEX serves as a partner in your journey.”

“Writing is a very intimate activity. The author is exposing their thoughts, feelings and emotions. The WEX staff are timely and sensitive in their feedback.”

Dissertation Writing Guide

WEX has developed this document to guide writers in the final stages of organizing the dissertation. We’ve used the traditional 5-chapter framework, and we offering this guide in the spirit [...]

Dissertation Evaluation Rubric

Dissertation Evaluation Rubric Sometimes, a metric helps in the final stages of organizing the dissertation. We’re offering this rubric in the spirit of empowering writers to know when they’re done.