Please join The Writers’ Exchange in congratulating Tawana Angela Davis in the successful completion of her dissertation:


Womanists Leading White People in Intergroup Dialogue to End Anti-Black Racism: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis

I am the co-founder of Soul 2 Soul Sisters, a Black-woman led, racial justice organization. For six years, one of our key programs is Facing Racism. My dissertation looks at the experience of white participants in Facing Racism.


WEX is always interested in learning from successful writers about their process. Here, Dr. Tawana Angela Davis shares a few pointers:


How has WEX professional coaching/editing support promoted your academic and/or professional success?

WEX professional coaching/editing support provided the tools needed to successfully defend and publish my dissertation. I am surviving metastatic breast cancer and in active treatment. My healing journey has many side effects including chemo brain/fog. Often, it takes twice as long to read, analyze, or write in academic form and fashion. WEX provided the support so that the context and format of my dissertation was completed in exemplary fashion – something I could not have accomplished, in the time I completed my dissertation, without WEX. WEX support, patience, guidance, and knowledge was a part of the team needed to become Dr. Tawana Angela Davis.


What advice would you give to others writing a dissertation?

To others who are writing their dissertation, keep writing! While you are writing and focusing on the content, remember to reach out to WEX and contract them to help you along the way. WEX is an investment on your journey toward completing your dissertation. WEX is an accessible resource to avoid getting stuck in the midst of writing your dissertation.


What are your next steps in your academic/professional career?

My next steps as Dr. Tawana Angela Davis begins with rest. Writing a dissertation can be a very isolating and exhausting process – so rest is the first step. I look forward to teaching, writing, and speaking in the racial justice arena. I will build another non-profit focusing on domestic violence awareness in the Black community. I will continue to focus on breast cancer awareness and advocacy in the Black community as well. I look forward to writing children’s books with my grandson. I hope these endeavors will give me the flexibility to do what I love and to take care of myself while I am on this long, arduous healing journey.


Tawana Angela Davis, PhD, Graduate School in Leadership & Change, Antioch University