At any time in your doctoral program, you might become aware that you need help with your writing. It might be that your professors are requesting that you revise papers or that you realize that you’re struggling with a particular paper. This self-awareness is not something to be ashamed about, and frankly could be a reflection of your writing strengths, rather than weaknesses. Making the effort to seek support will help in many areas of your writing. Don’t write as a solitary endeavor. Find community and support through WEX. We’re Antioch, and we care about your success.

Non-Traditional Student Writers

Non-Traditional Student Writers can be expected to write multiple papers in any given term. Whether you’re writing a final paper or larger project, our staff of proofreaders and editors will give you the attention to polish and refine your writing. Regardless of whether you are starting, revising or struggling with a conclusion, WEX editors can help. We also have experienced formatting editors, and editors whose specialty is working with students writing their Master’s Thesis or Dissertation.

Joseph Heller, author of Catch 22, once said: “Every writer I know has trouble writing.” Heller’s assertion touches upon the hard work involved in the fiction writing process. That’s why WEX is here. At The Writers’ Exchange, we understand the struggle of the written word. We also know that creative writing can be a lonesome enterprise easily resolved with the help of a writing coach or editor. Hire WEX Developmental Editors to help you from start to finish in developing the project. Having the expertise of a professional editor will help you navigate the entire process from beginning to end. WEX can help you with conceptualizing, formatting, editing, proofreading, marketing, and so much more!

We’re here to work with you!

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