Creative Writers

Joseph Heller, author of Catch 22, once said: “Every writer I know has trouble writing.” Heller’s assertion touches upon the hard work involved in the fiction writing process. That’s why WEX is here.

At The Writers’ Exchange, we understand the struggle of the written word. We also know that writing can be a lonesome enterprise easily resolved with the help of a writing coach or editor.

Have a book idea but don’t know how to begin? Hire WEX Developmental Editors to help you from start to finish in developing the project. Having the expertise of a professional editor will help you navigate the entire process from beginning to end. WEX can help you with conceptualizing, formatting, editing, proofreading, marketing, and so much more!

WEX editors and proofreaders can also help you gain greater clarity and precision in your writing. From syntax to word choice, from grammar to punctuation, WEX editors can polish your writing so that it successfully impresses your audience. Proofreaders can give the manuscript the fine scrutiny to ensure your document is clear of typos and other pesky errors.

Whatever your current writing situation, take the extra step in getting professional support. A Writing Coach will listen to your specific needs and individualize your writing support. Working with an experienced coach will help you develop your project. Our editors will revise your content (short fiction, websites, journal articles, powerpoint presentations, and more) for greater clarity and purpose.

The Writers’ Exchange has packages designed to provide creative writers with first class writing support while respecting busy schedules. Don’t know which package is right for you? We’re just an email away.